Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Wish I Could Grow Stuff Like This

We all have our own gifts, and gardening is not one of mine, although I sincerely wish it was. Scott and I grew some tomatoes in pots on our patio this year and our plants were doing fairly well until I noticed some black spot on the bottom of them. I looked this up on the internet and it's something called 'blossom rot', which develops when your soil doesn't have enough calcium. The article recommended a few Tums ground up and sprinkled into the soil as a remedy. I had nothing to lose by trying and it seemed to help -- for awhile. The blossom rot returned and alas... I am starting to realize my thumb will never be green.

This time of year I like to stop at produce stands and see what they have to offer. I'm not especially interested in eating the stuff I buy. I want to paint it. I found this really awesome red onion with a long root and some awesome green peppers just a mile down the road. What reallly drew me in was the gorgeous indigo colored eggplant.

I think natural fruits and veggies make great subjects and I do tend to paint a lot of them.The reason is that I can always find a buyer and the textures of fruit and vegetables are all so unique they are excellent practice subjects. People like paintings of food. They work well in the kitchen or the dining room and if you choose the right foods and arrange them in a pleasing composition I think they're as beautiful as flowers! And actually, a lot easier to paint IMO.

Green and violet are secondary colors and they harmonize nicely. I spotlit the scene on the table in my studio and had a compelling composition right away. It doesn't take much to make me interested in producing a painting. If the light and shadow are dramatic I am intrigued every time.

Eggplant with Veggies
10" x 8"

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