Friday, February 13, 2009

Just Back from Texas

I returned from visiting my son in San Antonio early this week. It was a great trip- I met his girlfriend, Natalie and we went to a couple great Mexican restaurants and to the Stock Show and Rodeo, a huge event that attracts lots of stars and performers. I was lucky enough to see Alan Jackson's show! I completed a few paintings after I got home.

This is a larger version of James, a kid who posed for our portrait group in Toledo last year. I was going for a "Lost Soul" look. The lady is another model from 2007 I think, whose photo and sketch I kept on hand for reference until I had a chance to paint. I think it's interesting to note the way you can change your palette and how it affects the whole feel of the piece. Somber verses bright and sunny. Of course a lot of it has to do with intent and lighting but most of it is up to the artist. Color is individual, but value must be correct. The images would lose something if we made them black and white but I hope I've gotten enough of the subjects' personalities that they woudl still be interesting.

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