Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Claire and Sebastion 11x14 oil on linen

This painting has been inspirational to me and given me an idea for a new series! Plus it has been so much fun. Here is my idea--the girls and the cats will all look alike. As I looked around fo something to add to what was becoming yet another dreary painting of an insipid young thing I saw a CAT! Subconsciously I chose a picture of a cat that resembled my BW portrait. The key to this may be deciding on the palette first and what color I want the light to be-- or I could use the same light key throughout for consistency ( Blue-violet / orange-yellow .) I have been thinking about doing another series for awhile now. So Claire and Sebastian may be the very first pair of many more. My next girl will be blonde or dark-haired and I'll find a kitty to match and arrange it in a complimentary composition. This composition was all about triangles. I did a demo for an on-line art group to show them how to compose using repetitive shapes and once you point out the triangles they are hard to miss- but it's a design that only an artist would really look for and identify. To remain consistent I will paint them all on premium linen board as I have this one. What a dream to paint on if you are looking to paint in detail.

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