Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Busy Summer In Progress

Can it really be July already? Weddings, parties and graduations all packed into a period of 30 days give or take. Still-- I managed to find time for art. I am happy to report that my painting of Buffy arrived in New South Wales in one piece. Patricia and I were worried about it. I have never lost one yet and I was so pleased when it showed up in a post office in Detroit minus its mailing information. But luckily I had paperwork inside and it was returned to me and re-mailed. Patricia has taken a very cool picture of the painting with its inspiration. You can see that here on her blog. And here is the post: Buffy and his painting
I will be painting live at Indigo, 309 Clinton St., in Defiance, Ohio next week with Jesse Rivera, Casey Spitnale, Josh Zipful, Holly Treetop and Dee Morales. Jesse has planned and organized the event which he calls Past Our City Limits. It will include live music, food and fun. I am showing 9 paintings, including my favorite: Rush Hour.
This is Aida, a woman who posed for our portrait painting group this morning. I finished the painting from a photograph at home but 90% of the work was done while she posed from life. The finishing involved cleaning up edges and defining details that were not readily apparent while I was painting.



Hi Nora,
I check into your blog most days to find a plethora of paintings to look at today.
You have been busy.

Yes what a relief to get Buffy’s Portrait for you and for me. Hope that experience doesn’t put you or me off sending works or anything through the overseas mail.

Love the painting of Aida… great render form your life sitting.

Dancing-Light-Studio said...

Thanks Patricia-- we are on vacation right now and I find myself enjoying painting outside!