Saturday, December 15, 2007

Way Behind on Posting

This is Reggie. He posed for our painting group this morning. Nice guy, very smiley. Oil on wooden panel coated with gesso. I bought some boards from Robert Buza, of Fabius, NY (giving Robert a plug here) and they are just awesome boards. Smooth, wonderful and a joy to work on. His company is Slivers and Sawdust- I think he is on the web. Robert makes wooden palettes too and sells them for less than you will pay for a disposable one so why go cheap? Wood is better, especially when you use oils. Christmas is almost here so I am way behind on posting my paintings here and at the website. Too busy baking and hauling the decorations up form the basement. But this is a great way to keep track of what I have painted because I tend to forget. So I need to be more diligent with it. It is easier than looking them up on my computer because my computer files need organized badly.

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