Friday, November 02, 2007

I just realized I had 200 posts!

Wow, that means I have painted at least 200 paintings since I began this blog. Probably more because I don't always post every painting. Some posts contain two paintings. I started the blog about two years ago so that is an average of about two paintings per week. Amazing.... even more amazing is that I have sold most of them. I really appreciate my clients. I would not be able to store 200 paintings- I need to sell them and I do appreciate you wanting them enough to buy them. Especially the people who have purchased multiple paintings... there are two I can think of who have purchased more than 20 original works. BIG thank you!
This is a painting did in the painting class I have each week. Thanks to Mark who brought in the darling metal rocking horse. It really "makes" the painting. I am calling it Childhood Memories. It's up on eBay as of last night.

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